Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tenacious Toys and Kyle Kirwan Release!

 Tenacious Toys announces the third release in their weekly calendar of micro-run art toy releases. This week, for March 3rd, the Super Series Sundays release is "Yolo Mesh" by Kyle Kirwan. Yolo Mesh is the first mate on the Airship Kellen. He's cranky, strict, sarcastic, and not much fun. But he gets it done, and that's what you want in an airshipman. He's a Nebin from the Island of Bentree in the Broken Ocean, but grew up in Canarthe and has been sailing since he could stand on two feet. Yolo Mesh is a one-piece resin figure sculpted, cast and painted by Kyle Kirwan. Standing 5.5 inches tall and produced in a run of 9 pieces, Tenacious Toys has 5 to sell at $50 each. To purchase Yolo Mesh, visit the Super Series Sundays page this Sunday March 3rd at 5PM EST. Click the picture above to purchase yours!

Check out Kyle Kirwan's blog for more art!
Check out Tenacious Toys blog for more updates about the shop and upcoming toy releases!

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