Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hey Cavey March Releases!

Hey Cavey March Releases are here! Plus Vinyl Cavey, the toy everyone is wanting!

This release is different this month, Coney is back and taking over! This Coney is called March Hare Coney. An edition of 30, March Hare Coney is a chocolately, curly bundle of fluff, and joining him is Mad hatter Cavey. Mad Hatter Cavey is limited to an edition of just 5! Each with odd sized eyes, and a little handmade hat, playing card and floral bow tie. March Hare Coney is made from chocolate brown curly faux fur with soft felt inner ears. Each comes with a glittery enamel Coney badge and a Coney Cube and is £16. Mad hatter Cavey is made from silky emerald green velour with a tiny handmade hat, playing card and bow tie. Each comes with a rare black enamel Cavey badge and a Cavey Cube and is £25. March Hare Coney and Mad Hatter Cavey go on sale in the Cavey shop on Monday March 4th at 8pm London time. Holly will also be tweeting a count-down in the run up to them going live, so if you are not already, follow her! @heycavey.

Vinyl cavey is now in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Vinyl Cavey’s first release is available in 2 colourways, Cavey Purple and Brilliant White. Vinyl Cavey is perfectly palm sized at 7cm tall and comes complete with a pint sized fabric tag. Cavey’s are only available direct from

I absolutely love the Mad Hatter Cavey! Go get yours before they are gone!

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