Friday, April 15, 2011

Great Track to Start the Weekend!

I heard this track tonight and thought I would share it with my readers. It's a great party track! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Svyatoslav Maltsev - Wait Until the End

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lolligag World: Sneak Peek #1: Moot Tee

Lolligag World: Sneak Peek #1: Moot Tee: "Well, would you look at that: Moot got his very own shirt! 1 of 5 NEW shirts available this spring at local boutiques in and around the Los Angeles area and at This is just the concept. The actual shirt is even sweeter.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Preview! Hey Cavey Birthday Party Releases

You might have seen my Easter post for Hey Cavey plushie store last week, well here is another post but for the Hey Cavey Birthday Party! Cavey's Birthday Party is on May 26th 2011 and being held at Fleet River Bakery, Holborn, WC2A 3JF, London, United Kingdom between 7pm to 10pm. Since I cannot make it, really hope one of my readers will go and share their experience with me. Please post stories and/or photos!
Besides there being cakes and tea, there will also be very special caveys. Each of these special Caveys were made by other UK artists. Only one of each special Cavey will be made, and they will all be available via auction the week leading up to the party, with the auctions ending at the party itself! Find out more info and rsvp on the Facebook event page. Here are some previews!

Triclops Cavey

Lunabee Cavey

Please let me know if you can go so I can ask you for your email address. I would love to post pictures of the event. Thank you. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tokidoki Unicorno Mini Figures to preorder!

Tokidoki is set to release Unicorno 2.5 inch mini figures in late April. Tenacious Toys has them for pre-order, $6.95USD per blind box or $166.80 for a 24 piece sealed case of blind boxes (with free shipping).

Loungefly and Sanrio team up!

Loungefly and Sanrio have joined creative forces to make 3 new Hello Kitty collections.
Loungefly for Helly Kitty lines include: Hello Kitty City, Hello Kitty Monsters and Hello Kitty 3-D Movie. They also created the Hello Kitty Big Bow which was just recently released.
Each line has totes, wallets, laptop sleeves, key caps and more!
I think all of them are so Kawaii! But I think my favorite collection is Hello Kitty Big Bow.
Loungefly and Sanrio also released Hello Kitty Patent Leather collection in two fabulous colors, Honeysuckle and Midnight Blue.

Sanrio is offering Free 3-5 day shipping on orders over $125 USD from now until April 11th. Available only to USA and Canada residents. Enter "SPRINGSHIP125" at checkout.