Thursday, December 31, 2009

First Post

Hello World! If you have stumbled across this, I encourage you to add my blog to your regular visit list. This blog is especially dedicated to things that interest me, such as anime, movies, music, books, games and anything else in between. I might post more than once a day, or I might post a couple times a week. I haven't really decided how often, since this is the first time I have even decided to do anything like this. So let's start!!

My First Hype: Lady Gaga!

For Christmas I got her art book collector's edition of Fame Monster, and all I gotta say is WOW! So ok there is some lameness to it all...but who cares! She is fabulous in her own right. Her crazy fashion, her amazing voice....her creativity! The lame part is the hair from her wig. The best part was the backstage feel to the book, with sketches and scribbles of notes and pictures of her fashions in the making. Then of course there is the music. The art book came with both cds The fame and fame monster. There is also the weird, but without the weird this book would not be complete....she included old style 3d glasses and paper dolls with Lady Gaga fashion!

So I have listened to her for awhile now and have been a fan since her first release in Europe. I give her My Hype for being unique and not caring what the public says about it. Awesome job Lady Gaga!