Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Etsy Spotlight: Snowcakie!

Recently, I have been browsing Etsy.com too much. I may not be able to buy or even afford the things I have found but I will still like to share what I have found, plus help the store with sales in the process!
My first Etsy store Spotlight is Snowcakie!

This plushie from the first release is my favorite!

This store sells really cute plushies! Each plushie is handmade by William Walison. He is known for his custom from the Mugo Discovery Series "Deadly Cool".

William has also just released toys for WiniPikl, which has gotten great reviews!
This series also has DIY colors!

William agreed to some Q & A and a special surprise at the end of this post.

CYH: How long have you been making toys/designs for toys?
William: I have been making toys for 8 years now.
CYH: What got you started? What is your inspiration?
William: The thing that got me started into toys was my imagination. I started drawing when I was 2 and always made up my own stories. In 2000, I started making products out of the drawings and the rest is history! 
CYH: Who is your favorite artist/toy right now? 
William: My favorite toys are from fluffyhouse.com 
CYH: What are your future plans for your shop?
William: A Valentine's Edition is being released. I am also making multiple variations of the current basic set.

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