Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Journey PS3 Release Hype!

I have been clueless about recent or upcoming releases of games because of life issues, but I came across an article about this game called Journey. Journey is a game from thatgamecompany. They have released Flower and Flow; games released for the Playstation Network.
The reason I am blogging about this particular game is because of all the hype that is surrounding it and it's beautifully made.
A little information about the game:
Journey is a simple interactive story, an online multi-player adventure to experience meeting strangers along the person's life path. The players travel across desert sand dunes to real a common goal: reach the mountain with the light pillar. What is so unique about Journey? The communication between players, for starters. There are no text boxes or speech bubbles, but only a singing option. With the PS3 Sixaxis controller, the sing button is pressure sensitive, so each push of the button will make the character sing a different note. Another unique feature of Journey is the no winning or losing aspect of the game. But what about the Light beam at the top of the mountain, and what is the ending like? No one is speaking about the ending of Journey as of yet. I am sure there will be someone posting a video on YouTube in the next coming weeks.

Journey has also stirred up some debate again (*see footnote), whether or not video games can be considered pieces of art. My opinion of the matter is IT IS ART. Seriously? How can you not consider this art?? 

Take a look for yourself, watch the trailer and gameplay, make the decision for yourself!

I can't wait to play this game! If you have or plan on playing Journey, please leave a comment about whether or not you liked it and what your favorite or least favorite part of Journey.

*When thatgamecompany released Flower in 2009, it started the debate of whether or not video games could be considered pieces of art. Despite the Supreme Court ruling that games deserve First Amendment (USA) protection, this debate quietly continues.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sedona Lace Midnight Lace Release!

Sedona Lace has just released a 4 piece synthetic brush set in Midnight Lace, My Favorite!
Order now before they sell out.