Thursday, February 16, 2012 Review: Fusion Peel!

This review is way overdue! I received 's Fusion Peel for review in December. I used it but then I moved so I did not get to finish the testing phase until recently.
Here is a little bit about the company, taken from their website:
" was established by skin care professionals to provide high quality, specialized skin peels and skin care treatments, with a focus towards expedited delivery and exemplary customer service. Our team is dedicated to providing an outstanding experience when choosing from our product line."

"Our product range is formulated in a GMP and FDA compliant laboratory and quality control is maintained according to industry operating procedures. We have the benefit of many years of experience practicing skin care along with a highly qualified group of estheticians and physicians who have tested and continue to use our products."

- Peels for spas, physicians and salons.
  - All peels are available, in stock, for next day delivery.
  - Low pH levels are listed accurately.
  - Paraben-Free and chemical additive free.

Here is information about the Fusion Peel:
The Fusion Peel is a multi-acid, multi-enzyme peeling solution suitable for all skin types and issues. Minimal irritation, almost no downtime, and fabulous corrective action. An amazing fusion of exfoliating agents that produce a fusion of skin benefits:
Clears acne conditions.
Reduces age spots, melasma, discoloration.
Improves skin texture and tone.
Softens crows feet, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The Fusion Peel is an effective product. I used this once to twice a week for 4 weeks. I saw even skin tone, a less appearance of wrinkles and smaller pores. After using this product a second time, my skin started to peel and only lasted a few days. The peeling was not severe. I will be purchasing this product when my supply is gone.

After the first application

*This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to who supplied the products for the review.*

New Tokidoki Vinyl Release!

Meet Tokidoki's new Cactus Friend, Truffle!

Also being released is the new volume of Color Ink Book, Volume 14.
Color Ink Book is a black and white art periodical, which is published in limited quantities quarterly; showcasing the both, established artists as well as fresh faces. The volumes are printed on 60 lb Endurance Vellum Offset Book paper, to offer the reader the option to color the work showcased within: thus bringing the art enthusiasts and artist together.

THE ALL CUTE EDITION! 100 + pages of happiness, smiles and rad stuff!! Volume Number fourteen: 
Features a cover by 64 Colors, Scribe, Simone Legno (Tokidoki) & Tharp! This volume features 64 Colors, Bob Harper, The Chung!!, Dacosta!, Gary Fields, Gary Ham, Jason, Maloney, Kat Brunnegraff, Scribe, Simone Legno (Tokidoki), Steve Talkowski and Tharp.

I WANT! Definitely a must have!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lime Crime ChinaDoll Release!

Lime Crime's China Doll release is just two days away! Who is buying this fabulous palette??

I know that I will be getting this, so stay tuned for a review!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Your Slice is Nice Project!

Your Slice is Nice is a project from a great artist William Walison. He is known for his "Deadly Cool" Mugo player and his custom mini tea from the Mini Tea Tour 2011.
William would like you to design a "slice" and put your design in his book! You can download the template here.

Top 200 designs get put into the book. If your design is in the top 10, you win a copy of the book and a tshirt with your design on it. If you decide to try this, you need to email your design to by September 2012. Have Fun and Good Luck!

I'm A Bad Apple Promo Video!

Lime Crime Valentine Sale!

Lime Crime is having a Valentine Sale! All of their pinks and reds are 20% off. No code needed, just Shop! Sale ends 6pm PST TODAY February 2nd.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lolligag First Vinyl Release!

This figure is being released in the summer in 4 different colorways. It also comes with a Mort vinyl! I will keep you up to date with more details once they are given to me.