Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Edition of Space Junk Destroyer from Bad Applez Inc

Just Announced! Bad Applez Inc is releasing two new colorways of Space Junk Destroyer. They are taking pre-orders starting on Halloween.

Tokidoki and Barbie Together!

When I saw this I knew I had to share this with you. Tokidoki and Barbie together is so awesome!

They also have other items such as totes, shirts, hats and skateboards. Check them out by clicking the picture.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Sale at Lime Crime! Ends Soon!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Asian Fashion from

I found back in February and love it! They have everything you need from dresses, shirts and jewelry to wigs, hair accessories and men's wear, all at reasonable prices! Their clothing is imported from Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. Fashion4Us has many brands to choose from: Ugo, Vivicam, Japanese Fashion Bag, You-too, Doreme, Hanee, Moom, Yoko, LY Fashion, Eastsun, Marloca, Miss Milan, Xianwei, Korean Fashion Bag - just to name a few.
Here are my favorites, one from each category:

There is also lingerie which I will not post but you can still go check it out!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Update: Reschedule for Lime Crime 24 Hour Sale!

Lime Crime rescheduled the 24 hour sale for October 4th!

Lime Crime's HUGE sale begins TONIGHT in celebration of hitting 55,000 fans on Facebook. Get 55% off all Magic Dust eyeshadows and Eyeshadow Primer!

Lunartik New Releases!

Lunartik has two new releases! Special Brew and Classic Cup Collection Series 1.

Lunartik's Special Brew Number 1: A Blind boxed Limited Edition
Being released October 10th, each of these 6.5” vinyl figures comes complete with Cup & Saucer, Tea Stirrer & Sugar 2 Cubes and one special feature. This Special Brew is limited to only 100 pieces, which everyone is the same. has 50 Pieces, DKE has the other 50 pieces. This series is not signed, but Matt plans on signing Special Brews in the future.
Pre-order Now for £45! Hurry now, stock is already low!

Lunartik's Classic Cup Collection Series One
There are 5 to collect; White, Ice Tea, Rosie Lee, Green & The Earl. Each comes packed up in a strong postage box with a layer of extra bubble wrap as protection. All Produced in the UK and Made from Bone China. When you buy all five together, you can save 10%!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hip Hop Candy Fall Collection!

The Hip Hop Candy shop is so Kawaii! I have blogged about this online shop before here and here. I love this HHC! They just released their fall collection. Here is a preview:

Check out Hip Hop Candy shop for more items. Follow them on twitter, facebook, youtube and deviantArt.
Use this code while shopping: