Saturday, March 16, 2013

Preview: Sigma Beauty Resort Palette Release!

Sigma Beauty has a new limited edition release!

The Resort Palette will be available for purchase on Monday, March 18th!

Toycon UK Cavey Release and More!

Introducing the latest Cavey breed, Toyconcaveysaurus! Toyconcaveysaurus is an exclusive for Toycon UK, based on Tcon the Toycon UK mascot, Toyconcaveysaurus a little bundle of dino cuteness with a big name!! Toycon UK is the UK's first ever dedicated designer toy convention, and as A Little Stranger is one of its headline sponsors, they wanted to do something extra special! Plush Toyconcaveysaurus is made of bright aqua curly fleece, with a teal blue spine, and baby blue fleece tummy. He is limited to 25 numbered pieces, comes with a rare black enamel Cavey badge and a Cavey Cube and is £25. Vinyl Toyconcaveysaurus is a custom painted vinyl Cavey with a handsewn plush fabric spine as a nod to his plush counterpart. He is limited to 10 numbered piece, comes packaged with an exclusive ToyconUK headercard, and is £15. ToyconCaveysaurus will be available first at Toycon UK, with any remaining stock going in the Cavey shop after the event.

Also now available in the Hey Cavey shop, Cavey rings! Handmade and polished to a high shine, Cavey is 11mm tall - about the size of a jelly bean. Each Cavey is made in .999 fine silver and set on a hammered silver band. Packaged ready for gift giving in a padded jewellery box. This item is handcrafted to order in the A Little Stranger studio, and takes about 2 weeks to ship.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Task One's Pillaging Pop Culture Series!

Task One and Tenacious Toys have teamed up for an awesome release called Pillaging Pop Culture!

The blind-boxed custom hand painted figures will be $40.00 a piece or $100.00 for all 3 designs released in each wave. Purchasing 3 bind boxes in each wave guarantees that you will get one of each of the 3 figures in that wave. This puts each figure, if the full wave of 3 pieces is purchased, at a mere $33.33. Purchasing one figure means you will get a blind boxed figure. Tenacious Toys will also make available a limited number of full sets- the whole series of 18 characters plus the chase figure- at $600.00, which is a lot less than some consumers spend hunting down a full set of a production series. There will be a "free" chase figure (not part of the 18pc set) that will be rewarded to 2 lucky orders each Wave and automatically to anyone who purchases the full set. While the exact run size is not revealed, the series is limited.

 Release schedule for Pillaging Pop Culture:
 • March 10, 4PM EST: Wave 1 
 • March 24: Wave 2 
 • April 7: Wave 3 
 • April 21: Wave 4 
 • May 5: Wave 5 
 • May 19: Wave 6

The Chase Figure!

A note from Task One: By stretching the release out over a 12 week period it prolongs the fun, interest and awareness of this project both for the collector and the artists. As a collector, it increases your chances of receiving pieces you want and gives you time between paychecks to save up for the next release. As an artist, the space in between gives us time to fulfill orders and keeps the project in the blogs and media for a while, instead of having a nice build up to a release date, after which the project is forgotten. Task One would like to encourage other artists or people putting together a blind box series to try this method out, and feel free to adapt and add on your own ideas to the process. If you do please contact him and let him know how it turns out.

JFury Exclusive Release!

If you are a vinyl toy fan or toy collector, then you might have came across JFury releases. I love his work and want to share his latest release, The Lonely Yeti!

Vinyl Riot's first exclusive toy produced and designed by the amazing JFury!! The Lonely Yeti is the guardian of the North. Standing strong against snow and ice as he protects his Empire of One. Clean lines and perfect coloring,this gorgeous piece stands a little over 2" high and features a beautiful translucent ice blue resin. It is limited to 15 pieces all numbered and signed by JFury. $40 USD each