Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kidrobot Azteca II Dunny Series release!

Kidrobot just provided us with info on the new Azteca 2 Dunny release everyone has been talking about. I gotta say, I'm really excited! I loved the first series.
The second series of Dunny Azteca includes designs by anaïs e3, Oscar Mar, José Leandro Córdova Lucas, Izzie Ramírez, OCHÖstore, Michelle Prats, Tepetonga, Luis Mata, Dani Bravo, The Beast Brothers, Jesse Hernandez, MARKA27, MIGUEL DE LA BARRACUDA, and Saner, which will include 18 new designs. The box design was by Jesse Hernandez. This series is set to release on January 20 in Kidrobot stores, and select retailers for $9.95 US. Here are a few of my favorites:

The box design and a few more designs:

I hope you can grab some before they sell out fast like series one did!

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