Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Asian Fashion from AsiaJam.com

I just found this shop called AsiaJam.com and they offer unique Asian street fashion from brands in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and more! A little bit about the company(taken from their facebook page):
AsiaJam was conceived after Malaysian founders Maggie, Svonn and Ezer sat together to develop a small DIY online business Svonn had been running since 2002.
Svonn and Maggie spent most of their high school and college years playing dress-up and hunting for fashion treasures. Svonn loves bright colors, mismatching and all things bizarre, vintage and doll-like. Maggie loves pastel colors, sweet feminine and chic styles.
Svonn and Maggie come from a continent where fashion is bold, distinctive and affordable! But it proved challenging when unique and good quality items were hard to find! That's when Svonn and Maggie took up a full time job treasure hunting across Asia and before they knew it, they wanted to offer them to the world!
Ezer was the technopreneur friend who managed several online companies with huge success.

The three got together and what started off as just a hobby became a job that most fashionistas would envy. AsiaJam is now internationally recognized and has over 1,000 products ranging from clothing & beauty products to home accessories. Ezer has also managed to skyrocket AsiaJam to the no.1 ranking in Google searches for Asian fashion!

AsiaJam also has a strong and lively forum community of 15,000 members, making it the largest Asian fashion community on the web!

Click the picture below to check out the site!

Some of the things I like from the site:

Cutesy Big Eyes Printed Bag

Bunny Ears Cape Top

Skull Love Rock Shoulder Bag

Wooly Bits Oversized Dress

They also have a Marketplace where you can buy and sell Asian fashion! I hope that you check it out. I will probably buy from them soon.

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