Saturday, October 2, 2010

Aeria Games Releases Kitsu Sage Closed Beta!! (*review*)

So most of the day today, I had the honor of playing this game. I have to say that Kitsu Saga is beautifully made and quite fun! I decided that it deserved to be reviewed. First a little about this game. Story: Kitsu are fox-like creatures that are silent and never seen. The Holy Nine Tailed spirit was doubtful of man because she understood their weaknesses and knew one day there would be chaos. So with her power she created Kitsu to coexist with the elements of the world. When chaos came, his name was Golden Dharma King. He once was good but became so obsessed with finding new knowledge that he drove himself to evil ways. The Kitsu felt their powers draining. They showed themselves to two leaders that were not under the King's power, The Order of the Iron Claw and the Flamewind Society. These two clans work together with the Kitsu to strike down the King.
Gameplay: When you first start, it gets right into action. I absolutely loved this. With most mmos that I have played, you have to run from one NPC to the next for about five levels before you even fight anything as a way of learning the game or for a tutorial, but not for Kitsu Saga. I was able to fight and level up, either by questing or just roaming around. Through questing though you gain a lot more than just roaming. You learn storyline and gain knowledge of how the game mechanics work.
Controls: The game controls were easy to figure out even without a tutorial. Arrow keys or 'A', 'S', 'W', and 'D' to move your character around. 'Q' and 'E' for strafing during battle. Zooming with the mouse, as well as moving character with "point and click". 'C' for character/equipment tab. 'M' for map. 'B' for character inventory. 'K' for skill tab. 'L' for quest tab. 'F' for Kitsu Cottage window.
Other Info: Graphic are great for a free mmo. The music I was a little disappointed on because they seem to only play two songs. Those two songs get old after the first hour of gameplay. I did not see if there were options of turning the music off, but I am sure this is. The social part of this is great because of PVP, guilds, friends list and player search.

Kitsu Saga is a great addition to the Aeria Games list. I would totally recommend this game to anyone! So please check it out when the open beta releases!


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  2. KS just got a "Loot Wheel" -- a kind of lottery machine that costs small amounts of AP to play, can win some nice items without having to grind for them!
    Find it here:
    Might be in server maintenance so plz be patient!


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