Friday, September 17, 2010

Metroid: The Other M

We all love a great storyline and this is one of them. Metroid: The Other M is the continuation of Super Metroid for the SNES. The baby Metroid gives its life to save Samus. The player learns the back story of Samus as they weave through the Bottle Ship, a decommissioned space facility. Samus is now a bounty hunter, finally telling her own tale of her failings, flaws and her motivation.

- graphics are great
- music reminds us of the previous metroid games
- fully voiced
- controls are easy to get used to
- auto-targeting is really good
- storyline lives up to the greatness of the other metroids

- shooting missiles requires going from 3rd person view to first person view
- mini-bosses and bosses are extremely difficult
- suit upgrade didn't change the appearance of the character model
- instead of recovery items/ammo the player now has "concentrate" feature which requires the player to hold wii-mote up and hold "a" to regain health/ammo
- all upgrades already acquired but not accessible(having to do with storyline)

Photo: from art book that came with pre-order

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