Saturday, March 6, 2010

dynasty warriors: strikeforce (psp)

I like the dynasty warrior series. These games are know for their style and button mashing fun. This one is pretty much the same thing. In strikeforce, you can play up to four players and customize your weapons. Although I just started playing it, I can tell you its fun and not something to take lightly. I have only done the practice missions and no story missions, and its hard. Maybe I'm not used to the controls yet or something, since I have only been playing with the psp fully for about a week now. The furys on each character are unique and very colorful. Each kingdom has their own fury colors, wu: orange and yellow, shu: blue and green, and wei: blue and purple. The graphics/artwork are surprisingly well done and I didn't think for a second that I was playing on a handheld, but that could be just me being emersed into the gameplay. There is story line of course but it doesn't matter much to me in this kind of gameplay. As a whole I like this game and its a good addition to the dynasty series. I would recommend this game to anyone that loves dynasty warriors or anyone up for some hack 'n' slashing!

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