Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chuck, chuck and more Chuck!

For some odd reason, I just can't get enough of the Chuck tv series on NBC. This show is in its third season, thanks to fans of the show like me. Here is a lil about Chuck: At the beginning of the series, Chuck receives an email from an old friend Bryce Larkin. The email turns out to be the governments secrets all in photos in a new project called the intersect. When Chuck opens the email, the images get inbedded into his brain. So both the NSA and CIA want the intelligence that Chuck knows returned to them, so they dispatch agents Casey and Walker to retrieve the info. Since Bryce stole and destoryed the government's copy, Chuck becomes "the intersect" for the governments spy missions. Chuck has "flashes" of info which he can get from looking at people's faces, hearing voices, seeing certain words or phrases, and certain objects as long as its in the data of the intersect. So Chuck has to go undercover with Agent Walker as his girlfriend and working as cross from the Buy More(the retail store where Chuck works as a Nerd Herder) and Agent Casey as a green shirt at the Buy More.

In the second season, the team learns about rogue spies engaging a war in the government and are trying to build their own intersect. We also learn about Chuck's father and how he is involved with everything. By the end of the season Chuck's sister Elle is planning her wedding to Captain Awesome. :) And a new intersect for the government is finished.

In the current season, Chuck trains to become a real spy because of the new intersect being destroyed and once again entering his brain. Chuck can now take on "powers" or learn new things like kung-fu or fencing just by flashing on a weapon or a stance. He also has to face his feelings for Agent Walker and she tries to deal with her feelings for him as well.

So if you need something funny, exciting and suspenseful to watch, I highly recommend Chuck. Watch it on NBC Mondays 7pm Arizona time, right before Heroes!

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