Monday, January 4, 2010


So today is the day for the Heroes mid-season premiere, so to make more of a Hype, I've decided to do a little review on the DC Comics releases and the dvd seasons 1-3 box sets. I gotta say that I'm very happy with the comic books. I have read most of them from the site and loved how they webbed the story of the tv series with the comics. Things you wanted to know about when watching the show are somewhat explained in the graphic novels. Good reading. The box sets include lots of extra features....deleted scenes, stunts, alternate endings, never seen episodes, untold stories, screen art, and author commentaries!

If you haven't seen this tv show, I highly recommend the watch because of the compelling story lines and in-depth characters.

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  1. I love my box sets :) they are awesome and with the sale Target had for the holidays it was impossible not to get all 3 sorry to those who missed out but each set cost me $20 bucks after tax for a grand total of $60 for all 3 sets at once. great deal!


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