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I'm 31, American living in the Netherlands. I have a 8 year old daughter that is my world. I have a BA in Game Design. I love games what can I say? Was it ever just a guys thing to do? I started with games in high school...yes, I know that most people have been playing since they could talk but my parents didn't allow games in the house. After my first job at the movie theater, I landed a job at Funcoland (now Gamestop/EB Games) and worked hard. When I met representatives from Rainbow Studios and talked about the designing process with them, I knew that a career in the gaming industry would be a great fit for me. After graduation I worked for a mobile game testing facility (Mobile Post Production). I loved it! Now I'm just waiting for the day when Nintendo says...Welcome aboard or maybe run my own Dev team to create awesome games!

In this blog, I will write about anything that catches my eye. From art and toys to makeup and other beauty products, from movies and music to books and magazines, from video games to computer programs!

This Blog is PR Friendly. If you have a product that you would like me to review, please send me an email with info at chiisexy at gmail dot com.